Bill Summaries: H749 (2013-2014 Session)

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    Allows any local board of education seeking to establish one or more satellite schools to apply to the State Board of Education to establish a school in the local school administrative unit, after the local board of education adopts a resolution stating its intent to establish one or more satellite schools. Provides that if the local board of education seeks to convert a school to a satellite school, the application must include a statement signed by a majority of the teachers and instructional support personnel currently employed at the school indicating that they favor the conversion and evidence that a significant number of parents of children enrolled in the school favor conversion. Specifies information that must be included in the application submitted by the local board of education, including the resolution adopted by the local board of education, admission policies and procedures, and information regarding the facilities to be used by the school and the manner in which administrative services of the school are to be provided. Requires that the local board of education submit an application to the State Board of Education (SBoE) for approval of a satellite school by April 1 prior to the school year in which the school is to operate as a satellite school. Requires the SBoE to respond to the local board of education's application within 45 days. Requires a satellite school approved by the State Board of Education to operate under a written agreement signed by the local board of education and the State Board of Education.

    Provides guidelines for the operation of satellite schools. Requires the local board of education to establish the standard course of study for the school and to conduct student assessments, among other requirements. Specifies length of the school calendar. Requires establishment of policies and standards for academic performance, attendance, and conduct for students. Requires every parent, guardian, or other person with charge or control of a child who is enrolled in the school and who is less than 16 years of age to cause the child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time that the school shall be in session. Makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to aid or abet a student's unlawful absence from school. Establishes reporting requirements and requires compliance with laws and policies relating to the education of children with disabilities, health and safety standards, rules and policies for issuance of driving eligibility certificates, and purchasing and contract statutes and regulations. Requires a satellite school to ensure that the report card issued for it by the SBoE receives wide distribution to the local press or is otherwise provided to the public and that the overall school performance score and grade is prominently displayed on the school web site; requires written notice to parents if a school is awarded a grade of D or F.

    Requires the SBoE to review the operation and student performance of a satellite school at least once every five years to ensure that the school is meeting the expected academic, financial, and governance standards set forth in the local board of education's agreement and applicable State Board rules. Requires development of a strategic plan if a satellite school is inadequate in the first five years. If the school is inadequate for more than five years, SBoE may terminate the school's status.

    Allows admission preference to be given to any child who is qualified for admission to the local school administrative unit before permitting enrollment of nondomiciled students. Requires the board of directors to establish criteria, standards, and procedures for admission of students. Requires a lottery when the number of eligible students meeting admission criteria exceeds the seats available.

    Requires the local board of education to appoint all licensed and nonlicensed staff. Establishes requirements for principals and teachers. Provides that employees of the local board of education at the satellite school are not eligible for career status. Includes provisions for nonlicensed staff, employment dismissal, employee benefits, and exemptions.

    Requires the local board to develop a plan to provide transportation to students domiciled in the district. Requires the local school administrative unit to provide school food services to the satellite school.

    Applies beginning with the 2013-14 school year.