Bill Summaries: H174 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: Mar 27 2017 - View summary

    House amendment amends proposed GS 14-269.2(k1) of the 2nd edition, clarifying that property owned by a local board of education or county commission is not to be construed as a building that is a place of religious worship as defined by GS 14-54.1 for purposes of new subsection (k1).

  • Summary date: Mar 22 2017 - View summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition:

    Deletes the provisions of the 1st edition and replaces them with the following. Definesschool operating hours. Provides that GS 14-269.2 (Weapons on campus or other educational property) does not apply to persons with a concealed handgun permit, or who are exempt from obtaining a concealed handgun permit, if they (1) possess and carry a handgun on educational property other than an institution of higher education or a nonpublic, post-secondary educational institution; (2) the educational property is the location of both a school and a building that is a place of religious worship; (3) the weapon is a handgun; and (4) the handgun is only possessed and carried on educational property outside of the school operating hours. Makes a conforming change to GS 14-415.11(c).

  • Summary date: Feb 22 2017 - View summary

    Amends GS 14-269.2 to allow a person who has a concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to Article 54B of GS Chapter 14 or considered valid under the reciprocity provisions of GS 14-415.24, or is exempt from obtaining a permit pursuant to GS 14-415.25, to possess and carry a handgun on the premises of a place of religious worship and any associated parking lot where that location is both a school and a building that is a religious place of worship under GS 14-54.1, so long as possession on the premises is outside the operating hours of the school. 

    Amends GS 14-415.11(c), which specifies places where a person may not carry a concealed handgun even with a permit, by making a technical change to remove areas prohibited by GS 14-269.3 and GS 14-277.2 from the areas listed. Qualifies the existing prohibition in areas prohibited by GS 14-269.2 (Weapons on campus and other educational property) to allow persons to carry a concealed handgun with a permit as allowed under the provisions of GS 14-269.2(m) (enacted by this act), GS 14-269.3 (weapons in assemblies and establishments where alcohol is sold and consumed), and GS 14-277.2 (weapons at parades).

    Effective December 1, 2017.