Bill Summaries: H1177 (2019-2020 Session)

  • Summary date: May 26 2020 - View summary

    Amends Section 11 of SL 1993-413, which authorizes the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners to levy a prepared food and beverage tax of up to 1%, subject to voter approval, to provide a means to finance an arena in the County. Modifies the repeal requirement, now requiring the County Commissioners to repeal the tax no more than 10 years after the date when the new or expanded arena facilities for which the tax was imposed is constructed and any associated debt paid (previously, did not specify a time limit for the required repeal).

    Appropriates $1,000 in nonrecurring funds for 2020-21 from the General Fund to the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners to study the effects on revenue due to the adjusted repeal date.

    Effective January 1, 2021, and applies to sales of prepared food and beverages made on or after that date.