Bill Summaries: H1062 (2019-2020 Session)

  • Summary date: Jun 10 2020 - View summary

    AN ACT RELATING TO THE RELEASE OF ANIMAL SERVICES RECORDS IN BEAUFORT COUNTY. SL 2020-10. Enacted June 10, 2020. Effective June 10, 2020. 

  • Summary date: May 6 2020 - View summary

    Amends SL 2018-105, Section 1(b), so that GS 132-1.15 now also applies to Beaufort County. GS 132-1.15 specifies that personally identifiable information held by a county animal service agency relating to an individual who has (1) voluntarily surrendered ownership of an animal to an animal shelter or (2) adopted a shelter animal or is fostering a shelter animal, is not a public record. Specifies that when a county animal control service places animals with a rescue organization, the identity of at the organization is a public record. Allows the county to use its discretion when deciding whether or not to disclose information that is not a public record.